Freeze frame: The Little Parisian, Willy Ronis

Freeze frame: The Little Parisian (1952)

Everyone knows the photograph of the little Parisian boy running down the street with a baguette under his arm: Le petit parisien (1952). Nouvelles Images has published the image in many different forms over the years.

Willy Ronis needed to illustrate a special report entitled "Revoir Paris" (Seeing Paris Again) and was looking for a different way of photographing a Parisian loaf: “It was midday. I went to my district and hung around a bakery. I saw this little boy in the queue with his grandmother, waiting for his turn. He was delightful, with a little look of mischief about him. I asked his grandmother: “Do you mind if I photograph the boy when he comes out with his loaf? I’d like to see him running along with the bread under his arm. – Of course you can, if that’s what you want to do, why not?””

Among the most famous photographs by Willy Ronis published in the Nouvelles Images catalogue, there is also Place de la Bastille, Paris, 1957 and Le nu provençal.

These photos have made history, memories and 25 years of close collaboration between Willy Ronis and Nouvelles Images.

Willy Ronis will always remain a humanist photographer.

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