Transfert díArt and Transfert Texte: Instructions for use

Before you start

Watch the demonstration videos.

You need a laminated card, a coin or a spoon and a soft cloth.

Keep the product at room temperature for 24 hours before you install it.

Where can I put a Nouvelles Images "Transfert díArt" or "Transfert Texte"?

Your Transfer canít be repositioned, so take great care in choosing the place and the surface: you wonít be able to move it somewhere else once youíve installed it.

It may be installed on any smooth, clean, dry surface.

Recommended surfaces are: walls, doors, furniture units with a painted (gloss or satin), metal, glass or varnished wood surface.

Clean and dry the surface thoroughly.

If it has been painted recently, wait for 4 weeks before you install the transfer.

5 steps to a successful installation!

1. Remove the protective sheet

Place the Transfer flat on a table with the image against the table surface.
Starting from a corner, gently remove the protective sheet which is above.
The motif should not stick to it.

2. Position the pattern on the chosen surface

Holding the Transfer by the corners, apply it carefully to the chosen surface.

Clever: the edge of the transfer film is sticky so it's really easy to post on the wall

3. Stick the motif down

Once youíve decided on the position, rub firmly with the cloth across the whole surface of the film, paying particular attention to the motif to make it adhere.

4. Transfer

Rub the whole motif firmly with the edge of the plastic card, the coin or the spoon.

Keep rubbing steadily across the whole surface of the motiv.

Important: the motif should separate from the film and adhere to the installation surface.

When the motif is completely transferred, remove the transfer film slowly.

If parts of the motif keep adhering to the film, reposition the transfer film and rub these parts firmly.

Donít touch the motifs that you have transferred on to the surface.

5. Fix permanently in place

Once you have transferred the motif and removed the backing film, reposition the film over the work and rub firmly across the whole surface of the film with a soft cloth to fix the transfer firmly in place.

How do I remove a "Transfert díArt" or a "Transfert Texte"?

Warm it with a hair-dryer held about ten centimetres from the motifs.
Remove them one at a time with the help of a small blade.
Once you have removed a Transfer, you canít use it again.