Transfert d'Art: the emotion of the original

VIDEO: Dominique and Bruno install a Transfert d'Art

The emotion of the original

Transfert d’Art is an adhesive screen-print produced from a drawing by a great artist. It may be applied in your home, where you would have liked the artist to create it for you.

Transfert d’Art restores the quality of the original with complete accuracy.

The drawing is stuck on a transparent film, so that when you apply it all that is transferred is what the artist has drawn. The Emotion of the Original. The illusion is perfect

It takes just 5 minutes to install a Transfert d’Art on walls, doors, furniture – whether painted (gloss or satin), metal, glass or varnished wood.
See the instructions or watch the Demonstration Videos to learn more.

Picasso, Toros y toreros

Klee, Forgetful angel

Picasso, The face of peace

This Indian ink drawing, which captures a crucial moment in the second phase of the combat, the tercio de banderillas, comes from one of three books produced between 1950 and 1960 on the bullfight theme.

With an apparently childlike drawing style, Paul Klee signs a work full of freshness and humour.

This face is the eleventh in a series of 29 drawings produced by Picasso on 5 December 1950.

© Succession Picasso 2011 / Nouvelles Images S.A. / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001000.12

© Nouvelles Images S.A. 2011 / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001002.12

© Succession Picasso 2011 / Nouvelles Images S.A. / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001003.12

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Matisse, Plane tree

This Plane tree drawn by Matisse is a preliminary study for a piece of ceramic intended for the villa of his friend and publisher Tériade. Its line is suggestive of improvisation, but this outpouring is in fact the outcome of a great deal of preparatory work.

© Succession H. Matisse 2011 / Photo : Archives Matisse (D.R.) / Nouvelles Images S.A. / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001001.12

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