Our History

The more you look at our history, the more you can see our future in it

Nouvelles Images celebrated its 50th birthday in 2007. Fifty extraordinary years in which the company has developed by asserting its identity, based on sincerity and creativity.

6 intuitive moments formed the key stages in its development.

  • 1957 Intuition #1

Why should a work of art only be visible inside a museum or gallery?

In 1957, Jacques Blanc foresaw that art would become one of the “great affairs” of the century. And yet this was long before the Tate Modern, long before the great exhibitions attended by a broad public throughout Europe. On the strength of this first “militant” intuition, the founder of Nouvelles Images asked the artists of the time for the right to publish their works in the form of postcards.

  • 1970 Intuition #2

And what if images, in all their forms, became a market?

Because there was an increasingly broad public seeking to be moved by images and to own them, the image market began to grow. To help it on its way, Nouvelles Images framed its prints and sold them to furniture retailers, set up subsidiaries abroad, took on representatives and, in short, created its own distribution, at a time when there were no specialist stores or image departments in department stores.

  • 1980 Intuition #3

Why should the “new images” be timeless?

In the ‘80s, Nouvelles Images became representative of its period by publishing prints and cards on the great events of the moment: 1982 World Football Cup, when Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped up the Pont Neuf in Paris in 1985, the events in Tian’anmen Square in 1989.

A pioneer of innovation, Nouvelles Images also showed that images were at the heart of our daily lives and can provide incomparable snapshots of an era.

  • 1989 Intuition #4

Why be content to do what has already been done?

We progress by exploring and clearing new territories: innovation is our best ally.

In the late ‘80s, at a time when contemporary art was central to our activities, and when only colour images sold, Nouvelles Images launched the black & white photo – then the Retrospective range, the “Vergé” collection of square cards, the Nouvelles Images Studio collection, etc… All this helped towards strong growth in sales and in the size of the company.

  • 2006 Intuition #5

The image alone is not enough; why not own it and make it part of the décor?

At a time of self-assertiveness, hedonism and comfort, why shouldn’t the world of decoration be a source of invention, creativity and new outlets? Nouvelles Images’ response to the intuition of Jean-Baptiste Blanc, its director, was called HOMESTICKERS.

  • 2008 Intuition #6

The product and distribution are no longer enough. We need to create a brand, the leading image product brand: Nouvelles Images!