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New! Transferts d'Art

The emotion of the original

This Transfert d’Art is an adhesive screen-print produced from a drawing by a great artist. It may be applied in your home, where you would have liked the artist to create it for you.

The Transfert d’Art restores the quality of the original with complete accuracy.

The drawing is stuck on a transparent film, so that when you apply it all that is transferred is what the artist has drawn.

It takes just 5 minutes to install a Transfert d’Art: all you need is a laminated card and a soft cloth.

Recommended surfaces: walls, doors, furniture – whether painted (gloss or satin), metal, glass or varnished wood.

Read the instructions carefully as the "Transfert" cannot be repositioned.

See videos on how to install Transferts d'Art.

More videos on the Nouvelles Images Channel on You Tube.

The Transfert d’Art is made to last, but you can remove it if you wish without leaving any traces.

This pack contains a Transfert d’Art, a set of instructions, information about the original work and a test sample.

Picasso, Toros y toreros

This Indian ink drawing, which captures a crucial moment in the second phase of the combat, the tercio de banderillas, comes from one of three books produced between 1950 and 1960 on the bullfight theme.

Picasso, Toros y toreros

© Succession Picasso 2011 / Nouvelles Images S.A. / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001000.12

Klee, Forgetful angel

With an apparently childlike drawing style, Paul Klee signs a work full of freshness and humour.

Klee, Forgetful angel

© Nouvelles Images S.A. 2011 / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001002.12

Picasso, The face of peace

This face is the eleventh in a series of 29 drawings produced by Picasso on 5 December 1950.

Picasso, The face of peace

© Succession Picasso 2011 / Nouvelles Images S.A. / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001003.12

Matisse, Plane tree

This Plane tree drawn by Matisse is a preliminary study for a piece of ceramic intended for the villa of his friend and publisher Tériade. Its line is suggestive of improvisation, but this outpouring is in fact the outcome of a great deal of preparatory work.

Matisse, Plane tree

© Succession H. Matisse 2011 / Photo : Archives Matisse (D.R.) / Nouvelles Images S.A. / F-45700 Lombreuil / Made in Netherlands / 175.001001.12

Transferts d’Art are available in the Nouvelles Images Shop.

Transferts d’Art have also been on sale in the retail outlets below: 

In France

- Vent d'images, lagnel boulevard general leclerc 14000 Caen
- Papeterie latine, 26 rue soufflot 75005 Paris
- Librairie flammarion, flammarion centre metz 1 parvis des droits de l'homme 57000 Metz
- Galerie art T, 3 place mariejol 06600 Antibes
- L'imagier, 20 rue st sernin 33000 Bordeaux
- Baiser de l'hotel, 4  place de viarmes 29600 Morlaix
- Pinacotheque de paris, 28 place de la madeleine 75008 Paris
- Mondial art, 40  rue st andre des arts 75006 Paris
- Cadr ys, 22 anatol france 29100 Douarnenez
- Panda one, 10 rue suzanne garanx centre prouillata 64100 Bayonne
- Eclat de verre, 6 rue paul vaillant couturier 92300 Levallois Perret
- Galerie espace la defense,gal commerciale rer la defense 92800 Puteaux
- Littineraire folies d'encre, 80  avenue georges clemenceau 94170 Le Perreux sur marne
- Le grand cercle 95, 1 rue du bas noyer 95616 Cergy Pontoise
- Musee sauramps, mas des cavaliers 34130 Mauguio
- Lupin, 37 avenue de l'opera 75002 Paris
- Brico Leclerc, route de conde sur noireau 14500 Vire
- Fait divers editions speciales, 38 a 40  rue de la visitation 35000 Rennes
- Cadrimage, espace mont rivel rue bazinet 39300 Champagnole
- St Etienne metropole,boutique musee d'art moderne la terrasse 42000 St Etienne
- La banque de l'image, 13 rue de la cossonnerie 75001 Paris
- Image de Beaubourg, 113  rue st martin 75004 Paris
- L'affiche a la carte, 82 rue ganterie 76000 Rouen
- Aux bleuets abc mand, 4 rue clovis 51100 Reims
- Musee mMatisse, palais fenelon 59360 Le Cateau Cambresis
- Cadrotel, 64 boulevard daloz 62520 Le Touquet

In Belgium

- Melchior belgium bvba, zeelaan 120 8660 De Panne
- Acaza bvba, zennestraat 83 1000 Bruxelles
- Images et Passions sa, 37 rue de marchovelette 5000 Namur
- De witte leeuw wyngaardbrug, 2 tot 4 tot 6 2000 Antwerpen

In Italy

- Corderie dell'arsenale 07, electa campo della tana castello 2169 f 30100 Venezia
- Libreria melbookstore roma, via nazionale 254 a 255 melbookstore 00187 Roma
- Mondadori punta della dogana, bookshop electa dorsoduro 1 d 30123 Venezia
- Libreria cibrario, campo di carte di m a cibrario via piazza bollente 18 15011 Acqui Terme
- Biennale venezia bookshop, giardini della biennale 30100 Venezia
- Libreria mercurio sas, via po 6 10123 Torino
- Parva domus chartae, corso gagni 12 15011 Acqui Terme
- Galleria naz. arte moderna, via a gramsci  73 00198 Roma
- Bm palazzo grassi, mondadori electa campo san emanuele 3231 30124 Venezia
- Alberti libraio editore, corso garibaldi 74 28044 Verbania
- Smolars spa, via roma 22 34132 vieste
- Drago fratelli srl, via yuri gagarin 6-a 42200 Reggio Emilia
- Paganini srl, 121 corso torino 10023 Torino
- Museo maxi libreria electa, via guido reni 4 a 00196 Roma
- Lullaby for dream, 59 via beligna 33051 Aquileia
- Bf mart trento rovereto, corso bettini  43 38068 Rovereto
- Mai visto srl, via michele della torre 2 33170 Pordenone
- Bookshop museo del novecento, 1 via marconi palazzo dell'arengario 20121 Milano

In Germany

- Galerie koch, platz der oktoberopfer 6 09599 Freiberg
- Cedon museumshop gmbh, pinakothek der moderne barerstrasse 40 80333 Muenchen
- Ararat gmbh, bergmannstr 9 10961 Berlin
- Sparkassenstiftung shop gmbh,kunstmuseum muenster picassoplatz 1 48143 Muenster
- Loagshof, sauerlandstr 14 59581 Warstein
- Knut ballin kuenstlermaterial,obertorstr 1 66111 Saarbruecken
- Skrupel schuldenberg, leopoldstrasse 64 80802 Muenchen

In the UK

- The Frame Factory ten, 159 haverstock hill nw3 4qt London