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New launches


8 new references will be available from 1st January 2011, based on the following themes: floral, trompe lil, animals, children, etc...


In September, Nouvelles Images is bringing out cards and prints on the Pop Art theme.


A launch of 97 prints in all sizes.


This Transfert dArt is an adhesive screen-print produced from a drawing by a great artist. It may be applied in your home, where you would have liked the artist to create it for you. The Transfert dArt restores the quality of the original with complete accuracy. The drawing is stuck on a transparent fi lm, so that when you apply it all that is transferred is what the artist has drawn.
Transferts dArt are on sale in the Nouvelles Images Shop!


Stickers for the kitchen.
Printed on polypropylene film, phthalate-free, washable and resistant to damp.