Instructions for use HOMESTICKERS

Instructions for use HOMESTICKERS Original


You’ll find below full information about our collection of decorative stickers for the walls and doors in your home - HOMESTICKERS Original (fitting instructions, technical features, etc.) - along with answers to the questions most frequently asked about these products.

Please contact our customer services department if you require any further information:

“Acclimatising” the sticker to the room

To make it easier to place the sticker and ensure that it remains flat once it has been affixed, we recommend that you wait 24 hours before affixing it. This gives it time to adapt to the ambient temperature in the room. For the best possible effect, we recommend a temperature of approximately 20° (+/- 5°). It is also advisable to avoid extreme changes in temperature as this could lead to the sticker becoming unstuck.

Choosing the surface to which you want to affix your sticker

HOMESTICKERS Original may be affixed to any clean, smooth, dry surface; ideally painted walls (satin or gloss), varnished wood, units, doors… Wait at least 4 weeks before affixing a sticker to a freshly painted wall or surface. You can also affix them to glass (e.g. a window pane) or tiles. However, as these materials have a very smooth surface, the stickers will adhere to them very firmly and it may be a little more difficult to remove them.

Materials such as bare concrete, unpainted plaster and plasterboard, silicone surfaces, coated surfaces, roughcast surfaces, fibreglass wall coverings and matt paint are not suitable. There is a wide range of wallpapers on the market and these all have different characteristics and qualities. Before putting up your wallpaper, we strongly recommend that you carry out a test to check that the sticker will adhere properly and that it won’t tear the paper when you remove it.

Clean the chosen surface (1)

It is important that you carefully clean the surface you have chosen to place your sticker, even if it looks clean to you. Any dust, wood shavings or grease on the surface will prevent the sticker from adhering properly. The surface should also be free of all traces of moisture.

Testing the surface for safety´s sake

If you have any doubts about the surface you’re using, we recommend that you cut out a piece of the sticker sheet on which there is no pattern and stick it to the surface. Wait 24 hours and check the result (affixing and removal). Do not affix your sticker close to a heat source as this could affect the properties of the glue.

Affixing the pattern  (2) (3)

Carefully remove each pattern from the sheet and place it on the surface, without pressing hard, to see whether you like the positioning. When you are happy with your composition, stick the patterns down, using a soft cloth and firm pressure, starting from the middle of the pattern and working outwards to get rid of any air bubbles. Finally, make sure that edges of the pattern are well stuck down.


As HOMESTICKERS Original are made of paper, they are not washable. To clean them, wipe them with a dry, non-abrasive cloth, tissue, etc.

Easy to remove

The glue used means that you can remove HOMESTICKERS without damaging the surface. To do this, remove the HOMESTICKERS carefully.

Storage conditions

To get the best use out of them, HOMESTICKERS may be kept for up to 6 months prior to use, as long as they are kept in their packaging, in a dry place away from light. Avoid extreme changes in temperature.