Instructions for use HOMESTICKERS


You’ll find below full information about our collection of decorative stickers for the walls and doors in your home - HOMESTICKERS For windows fitting instructions, technical features, etc.) - along with answers to the questions most frequently asked about these products.

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Choose the surface on which you’d like to place your sticker

HOMESTICKERS For windows can be placed on any clean, smooth, shiny, moistened: windows, bay windows, shower screens, glass doors on furniture, glass or plastic panes and mirrors. We recommend that you place them on the inside of the window.
Do not place your sticker near a source of heat.

Clean the chosen surface and moisten it (1)

It is important that you carefully clean the surface you have chosen to place your sticker, even if it looks clean to you. Any dust, wood shavings or grease on the surface will prevent the sticker from adhering properly.

Having cleaned the surface, moisten it with a sponge or a spray.

Place the pattern (2) (3)

Carefully remove each pattern from the sheet and put it in position with the shiny side on the window. Do not press it down at this stage: check first that it is in the position you want. When you are happy with your composition, press it down by smoothing it with a squeegee or credit card, starting at the centre of the pattern and moving outwards to remove any water and air bubbles.


HOMESTICKERS For windows are made from electrostatic PVC and can be cleaned with a soft, damp sponge. Do not use abrasive products or substances. Dry with a soft cloth.

Easy to remove – Re-usable (4)

The electrostatic effect allows you to remove the HOMESTICKERS For windows without damaging the surface or leaving residues, as they are glue-free.
To do this, remove the HOMESTICKERS carefully. Keep the original sticker sheet so that you can re-use your stickers at a later date.