New launches

8 new HOMESTICKERS For windows

8 new references will be available from 1st January 2011, based on the following themes: floral, trompe lil, animals, children, etc.

Spring will soon be with us! The nature theme is reinforced with 5 titles based on a winning combination: Flowers and plants in a real trompe lil!
- Passion flower
- Ampelopsis
- Pink geraniums
- Cherry trees in blossom
- Bamboo leaves

The subjects proposed for children combined ideally with windows to provide poetic, fun decorations

- Balloons
- Fairies
- Giraffes

The collection uses a new electrostatic material, which allows for a new use:

- These decors can be placed on windows, bay windows, shower screens, glass panels on furniture, glass and plastic panes and mirrors...
- The products are glue-free and may be repositioned and re-used at a later date.
- Translucent patterns, in colour or monochrome, visible from the inside and the outside.

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HOMESTICKERS For windows instructions for use