→ Instructions for use HOMESTICKERS Water Resistant

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→ What type of glue have you used?

The glue used in HOMESTICKERS Water Resistant is an acrylic-based glue.

→ ?Why are HOMESTICKERS Water resistant printed on polypropylene? What are the advantages?

Glued polypropylene can also be recovered for energy production. Also, the fact that these stickers are going to be placed in a kitchen or bathroom means that they need to be made of a material that is grease and moisture resistant and easy to wash.

→ ?How can I avoid bubbles from appearing when I place the sticker?

Position the pattern carefully and press it down gently with a soft cloth, starting at the centre of the pattern and moving outwards. When youíre happy that there are no more bubbles, press firmly with the soft cloth.

→ ?Some air bubbles appeared while I was affixing the sticker. What do I do?

These are air bubbles that became trapped under the sticker while you were affixing it. Use a soft cloth to get rid of them, starting from the centre of each pattern and moving outwards. If bubbles persist, pierce them carefully with a needle and get rid of the air by pressing hard with a soft cloth.

→ ?Why isnít my sticker adhering well?

As we saw above, the choice and condition of the surface is very important (smooth, clean and dry). Thatís why we suggest that, it you have any doubts, you should carry out a test with a piece of sticker sheet that has no pattern.

→ ?How can I remove the sticker more easily?

If you have applied the sticker to a surface such as glass, we recommend briefly using a hair-dryer (at low heat) at a distance of about 20 cm from the sticker to warm the glue and remove the sticker more easily.