→ Instructions for use HOMESTICKERS for Windows

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→ ?What is the electrostatic effect?

The sticker adheres through static electricity. It is automatically attracted by the windows, mirrors and bay windows to which it adheres.

→ ?Why are HOMESTICKERS For windows printed on electrostatic PVC? What are the advantages of the material? 

This material does not require glue to adhere to a glass or very smooth surface. HOMESTICKERS For windows can therefore be re-used.

→ ?How can I avoid bubbles from appearing when I place the sticker?

Position the pattern carefully and press it down gently, smoothing it with a squeegee or credit card, starting at the centre of the pattern and moving outwards. When you’re happy that there are no more bubbles, press firmly with a soft cloth.

→ ?Why isn’t my sticker adhering well?

As we saw above, the choice and condition of the surface is very important: it must be smooth, shiny, clean and moistened. HOMESTICKERS For windows are not suitable for frosted glass or non-reflecting surfaces.

→ ?Once the sticker is in position, how can I clean the surface on which I’ve placed it?

You don’t have to remove and reposition your HOMESTICKERS For windows when you want to clean your windows or mirrors. You can leave the sticker in place without damage if you use non-abrasive products and a soft cloth.

→ ?Can condensation prevent the product from adhering properly?

No. Once the sticker is firmly in place, there’s no more air between the sticker and the surface, so water can’t get in between the two.

→ ?The areas printed in white on the pattern seem to look different in the daytime compared to the evening. Is that normal?

Yes. The “For windows” sticker lets the light through. It behaves rather like a photographic slide.  It looks duller at night because it’s not being back-lit.

→ ?Do the patterns look just as good inside as outside?

Yes. Our HOMESTICKERS For windows are just as visible and decorative on both the inside and outside of the window.