Deco ideas

Blackboard stickers

Easy to place

Easy to place on furniture, electrical appliances, walls and doors (smooth, clean and dry).

Easy to use

We recommend using chalk for writing on these HOMESTICKERS Blackboard.
See the user instructions for further information.

Easy to erase

HOMESTICKERS Blackboard are produced on water-resistant polypropylene film. They may be cleaned with a soft wet sponge.

Easy to remove

This product has been designed for frequent use, so we’ve chosen a very adhesive glue. To unstick these HOMESTICKERS, we recommend holding a hair-dryer (in the low heat position) about 20 cm from the sticker to warm the glue and remove the sticker easily.

Useful HOMESTICKERS Blackboard

- For noting appointments
- The shopping list
- Planning sporting activities or timetable
- Things to remember for the week
- The week’s menu
- The children’s lessons to be learned
- First name (for child’s bedroom door)
- Various family messages
- Day-to-day instructions
- Description/details of the contents of drawers

Download the instructions for HOMESTICKERS Blackboard

HOMESTICKERS Blackboard have been totally designed, printed, finished and packed in France.
HOMESTICKERS is a Nouvelles Images trademark.

CHILDREN – 8 references

Le loup - design by: Isabelle Jacquet.  The wolf that thinks, cartoon-like speech bubbles can be used for spech and thought…depending on the components. Write your own story!

Le chat voyageur- design by: Marc Boutavant. Fun, living animals: Marc Boutavent loves children and the little jokes and pranks in life. The characters’ expressions are very eloquent: they have movement and real presence.  The situations are living and full of amusing little details. The artist has a lot of fans!

Pirates - design by: Nathalie Choux. Here, we’re in a real children’s story. The pleasure of writing about pirates! You’re bursting to write: “stand by to repel boarders!” in a playful NI spirit and style! At the heart of our work as publishers, we still love telling stories to children!

Champignons - design by: Amélie Vuillon. An essential theme!

Camion - design by: Andrée Prigent. The Slate part is on the lorry trailer. There’s a nice driver smiling away at the wheel! This is a scene for you to set up yourself, with clouds of smoke, the traffic light and the little car. And the lorry is red, of course, to please the boys!

La maison de boucle d’or – design by: Marc Boutavant. Sleep on, Goldilocks! And meanwhile, the three bears with their mischievous expressions are watching her, hiding on the roof of the house.  

Le magicien – design by: Marc Boutavant. You can write on the big black magician’s hat from which stars and little rabbits appear. The magician is a dog, the children’s friend, His friendly, funny side is accentuated by the large, pendulous ears emerging from the hat.

Montgolfières – design by: Marc Boutavant. The three little cats are huddled together in their basket, ready for take-off! Once again, you’re tempted to comment on the scene and write the story on the Slate part.

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ADULTS – 4 references

Télévision – design by: Ladyleia. In the “vintage” style that’s very fashionable at the moment.

Les cadres dessinés – design by: Valérie Michel. In line with the fashion for black and white baroque.

Les étiquettes – design by: Atelier NI. Practical! To be used on doors or boxes, also designed vintage-fashion.

Théière – design by: Hélène Druvert.  A warm, slightly “retro” atmosphere with its little clouds of smoke …

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