How was the “Atelier Nouvelles Images” collection born?

Atelier Nouvelles Images, Les pâtes, Photo Gilles Le Scanff
Atelier Nouvelles Images, Les fines herbes, Photo Gilles Le Scanff

The story of the “Atelier Nouvelles Images” collections could begin like this: 

Once upon a time in 1997, there was a team of image and design enthusiasts: Jacques Lavaux (Nouvelles Images’ artistic director at the time), Dominique Seckler (art editor), Jean-Baptiste Blanc (current Chairman) and his sister Clotilde Burri-Blanc (Product Manager). 

They used to meet every Wednesday for a “publishing meeting” to discuss future publishing projects. The discussion then continued in a local restaurant, Le Passage (Paris 11), a very jolly establishment that provided books for its clients to read, including the very well-known “The book of ingredients” by Adrian Bailey.

 Jacques often shared his enthusiasm for the book, although the illustrations were rather austere, if highly evocative, and the group also talked about the Deyrolles educational plates.

And so the idea was born of taking photos of ingredients to be published as prints or postcards. This required designing a composition, shopping for the items to be photographed and taking photos of the ingredients, paying particular attention to presentation, composition, lighting, etc. 

However, Jean-Baptiste was somewhat reticent about the project, which involved a considerable investment in the photography side. And he really wasn’t sure who might buy this type of card, and for which occasions.

He finally gave way, having cut down on the shopping, as the first items published were dedicated to “pasta” and “mixed herbs”. The photos were taken by Gilles Le Scanff under Jacques’ artistic direction. At the same time, Nouvelles Images published two photos by Roger Phillips; tomatoes and aubergines.

13 years later, tens of millions of postcards, greeting cards, calendars and prints have been sold worldwide. 

Jean Baptiste now feels reassured and has even cheerfully agreed to the idea of republishing 35 titles as large-format postcards15 x 21 cm.

A stunning format in which to (re)discover this legendary series.

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See the Atelier Nouvelles Images postcards in the catalogue.

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