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Roman Cieslewicz

Roman Cieslewicz is considered to be one of the greatest graphic artists of the second half of the 20th Century.  He has worked in various domains: posters, illustration and publicity...and his role was decisive in the development of graphic art.


Roman Cieslewicz and the Polish School of Poster Art

Born in Lviv (formerly in Poland and now in the Ukraine) in 1930, Roman Cieslewicz studied there at the Arts Industry School from 1943 to 1946. He continued his training in Cracow at the School of Visual Arts (1947-1948) before obtaining his diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1955. The innovative, experimental climate that reigned in Poland at this time favoured the birth of the movement known as the Polish School of Poster Art of which Cieslewicz was one of the greatest representatives.  He moved to Warsaw, where he designed posters for various sectors: cinema, publishing, the press and museums.

A wide range of partnerships

After projects in Germany and Italy, Roman Cieslewicz moved to Paris in 1963. He continued to produce work across a variety of sectors: advertising agencies, publishing houses and magazines. He became artistic director of Elle magazine from 1965 to 1969 and also worked with Vogue. From 1975, he began a partnership with the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and produced posters and exhibition catalogues.  This work brought him international recognition and, in 1979, he was awarded the Art Print Grand Prix for the Paris-Moscow exhibition at the Pompidou Centre.
In addition to his many activities in France, Cieslewicz also completed a number of projects for his country of origin, such as the Warsaw Opera, for whom he produced many posters. 

The power of images

Applying the principles of the Polish School (“simplicity, clarity, use of poetic metaphors”), Cieslewicz also showed great inventiveness in his creations whether they were for advertising campaigns or for promoting cultural or political events. For Cieslewicz, “an image was naked if it is not accompanied by a word”. The importance of the word-image relationship is reinforced by the typography he used.  Cieslewicz’s favourite techniques were: collage (see Les Mona's Lisa's from the series of repetitive collages and Zoom contre la pollution de l'śil from the series of “collages centres”) and photomontage. Mixing black, white and colour or assembling photos with painting, Cieslewicz diverted images, thus creating “unusual combinations” that carried a strong message.


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Nationality(ies) : French, Polish
Born on : 13/01/1930
Died on : 21/01/1996
Profile : Graphic artist, Illustrator
Artistic current(s) : llustration/graphics
Theme(s) covered : Policy, Portraits - Characters, Urban