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Roger Phillips

Roger Philips could be described as a botanist-photographer.  In fact, his photographic work resembles a real work of plant taxonomy that is both artistic and scientific.


Roger Philips was born in 1932 in London, where he still lives today.  After studying Fine Arts in Chelsea, he first worked as a graphic designer in advertising with Mather and Crowther, which afterwards became Ogilvy and Mather.  Following this, he became a freelance photographer and specialised in cookery photography.

His first book of “systemic” photography was on wild flowers and this met with great success in Europe.  It was the beginning of a long series of works that each contained hundreds of photos of natural objects taken against a neutral background  and using special lighting conditions, along the lines of illustrated botanical plates.

He then turned towards “wild” nature and published Les arbres, Herbes, fougères et mousses (Trees, Herbs, Ferns and Mosses) followed by Champignons (Mushrooms), which was very popular in France.  This series ended with a very original book that dealt with wild plants in the kitchen: Wild Food.

After his natural history books, he began a series on garden plants: Roses, Perennials, Bulbs; then on vegetables and annual plants and, finally, a large summary work in two volumes: Le jardin botanique (The botanical garden).

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Roger Phillips has designed a series of websites with illustrations of listed plants for identification: roses (6000 images), mushrooms (3500 images) and trees and shrubs (12,000 images). They can all be seen on the Rogersplants website and will soon include garden flowers and wildflowers.

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Nationality(ies) : English
Born on : 16/12/1932
Profile : Photographer
Theme(s) covered : Flowers - plants, Landscapes - Nature