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Robert Putinier

Robert Putinier is a contemporary photographer.  His work covers a wide variety of subjects: fashion, advertising, science, medicine, archaeology and history.... He is the author of a number of reports, books and articles.  He published the very beautiful book ‘Sahara rêve de dunes’.


An admirer of Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson and Riboud, Robert Putinier served his photographer’s apprenticeship with a "meilleur ouvrier de France". His favourite areas of work are fashion, advertising, portraits, industry and reporting....  He has also designed a scientific photographic laboratory for research into medicine, archaeology (he is fascinated with Pre-history) and the History of Art.

Observation is his main source of inspiration.  And, of course, his sensitivity and the excitement of the moment.

He has held a number of exhibitions in different countries worldwide: India, Brazil, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Sahara, Cameroon, Benin... 

Robert Putinier is currently preparing exhibitions combined with conferences on travel photography.  A work that will retrace his entire photographic career - black and white, portraits and photographs of celebrities - is due to come out in Autumn 2009.


- Photographs on wood (1976)

- Report on the Lyon drains 

- Report on the 24-column Law Courts in Lyon

- Research into colour: exhibition at the Palais de la Découverte, Paris, at the ‘Salon de la Photographie’ in Paris, and at the ‘Fondation Nationale de la Photographie’ in Lyon.

- "Regards en coulisse" exhibition: photographs of actors in their dressing rooms 

- Humour and Politics: exhibition with texts by well-known journalists 


You may also find some of Robert Putinier’s works in the "Thomas Cook" travel agents, rue de la République (Lyon).

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Prints and posters Palm Grove in Southern Tunisia

Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 15/09/33
Profile : Photographer
Theme(s) covered : Celebrities, Details, Humour, Nostalgia - Retro, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters

Robert Putinier

Robert Putinier