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Pascal Lionnet

Still lives with colourful fruit, street scenes in the Maghreb, Chinese ceramics and ideograms: Pascal Lionnet’s paintings are an invitation to travel.


Childhood inspirations

Pascal Lionnet grew up in Sfax in Tunisia, where his father was a sports teacher. He sees his adoptive country as the origin of his vocation and future inspiration: “For eleven years, I accumulated smells, colours and impressions”. In Pascal Lionnet’s paintings we find the streets of the medina, the yellow and green ceramics of Nabeul and the fruit of his childhood.

When he returned to France in 1973, he was seventeen years old and produced his first paintings. Influenced by Matisse and Oriental art, his painting creates bridges between East and West.

Silent lives

Since then he has continued to travel and paint his favourite themes: desert landscapes, oases and dazzling white towns, veiled silhouettes, sellers of colourful carpets and, above all, a large number of still lives: Tunisian ceramics, Oriental patterns, pears, lemons and pomegranates. He prefers to call these still lives “Silent lives” , and fills them with writing, signs and exotic friezes.

From one East to another

His oils on canvas take us from the Maghreb to China, where he still gives pride of place to ceramics and fruit, against a background of beautifully written Chinese ideograms. And his work is guided by a Confucian proverb that states: “He who understands the new by rekindling the old may become a master”.


See the works of Pascal Lionnet on the website of the Galerie Ducastel in Avignon.


See the website of the Galerie Ducastel in Avignon to find out the latest news on Pascal Lionnet.

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Nationality(ies) : German, English, American, French
Born on : 13/06/1956
Profile : Painter
Artistic current(s) : Contemporary Art , Classical
Theme(s) covered : Fine Art, Still life, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters

Pascal Lionnet

Pascal Lionnet