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Michel Canetti

Michel Canetti is a painter and illustrator. With their long lines, his gouache paintings give fashion drawings the appearance of calligraphy and are used on magazine covers and advertising posters. 


Michel Canetti was born in the Paris region in 1955. After completing a Visual Arts diploma at the Sorbonne, he obtained a masters degree in painting renovation.

He has been living and working in Melbourne, Australia, since 1997.

He claims to be influenced by artists as varied as René Gruau
, with whom the affiliation is evident, John Singer Sargent, the early 20th century portrait painter, and even, which is more surprising, Frank Frazetta, the creator of Conan the Barbarian.

He has become known as one of the leading fashion illustrators and has completed many projects for advertising and magazines, working for the most famous names in fashion and luxury products. 

With his very elegant style and lines similar to those of sketches, he paints with gouache, usually women: their hair, their dresses and the curves of their long legs. 

In 2009, Michel Canetti was chosen to be included in the book "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide".

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Nationality(ies) : Australian, French
Born on : 14/06/1955
Profile : Illustrator, Painter
Artistic current(s) : llustration/graphics
Theme(s) covered : Love - friendship, Girly - Fashion, Portraits - Characters

Michel Canetti

Michel Canetti