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Leonor Mataillet

After graduating from the Duperré School of Applied Arts  in fabrics, Leonor Mataillet moved to London as a freelance and designed her first collection of decorative objects for the home. She has now settled in Paris, where she continues the adventure, designing elegant objects for the world of decoration.


A style

There are three components to the graphical leitmotiv that we find in the objects designed by Leonor Mataillet: silhouettes, plant patterns and typography.

The colours are sometimes “pop” - aniseed green or fuschia pink - , or more “classical”, with combinations of gold, black and white used to create graphic, luxurious collections.

She uses noble materials such as porcelain and linen for all her utilitarian objects: extremely refined lamps, bags and fabric designs with clean graphic lines.

An inspiration 

In an interview she said: “Everything that is singular is plural”. In her designs, Leonor Mataillet uses those things of life that affect her and affect everyone at some time or another: life, nature, religion... Her objects are like intimate travel diaries filled with her personal story.


BHV offers a home line designed by the artist. A European online sales site for luxury products, Artedona, describes Leonor Mataillet as one of France’s elite designers, while a major name in tableware, Bernardaud, sells an exclusive collection entitled “Or Noir” (Black Gold) – both marks of recognition by the home design experts and media: the French press and the Italians and Japanese are unanimous: Leonor Mataillet is an artist who will make a name for herself on the international home design scene.

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 01 /07 /1975
Profile : Fabric designer
Artistic current(s) : Contemporary Art
Theme(s) covered : Love - friendship, Flowers - plants, Portraits - Characters

Leonor Mataillet

Leonor Mataillet