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Laurent Pinsard

Inspired by travel and nature, Laurent Pinsard has worked for a wide range of magazines and published several books.  


Early years

Laurent Pinsard began taking photographs when he was fifteen years old.  He studied at the  School of Photography in Vevey, Switzerland. Alongside photography, he has also worked in drawing, engraving and architecture. 

He is one of the pioneers of digital photographySince 1995, he has written on the subject in specialist magazines and he also offers training courses.

An invitation to travel and meet other cultures

Laurent Pinsard first travelled to Morocco in 1986. It was the beginning of a long series of journeys and reports on the Middle East and North Africa

For over fifteen years, he wandered through the ‘medinas’ and ‘douars’ in search of Moroccan craftsmenThe work that came from this, Artisans du Maroc (Moroccan craftsmen), reflects the photographer’s deep respect for these men’s manual work and wonderful talent. 

A different view of nature

Nature has always inspired Laurent Pinsard and his photographs are invitations to view it in a different light.  Laurent Pinsard is a photographer of substances who highlights surprising details that emerge from the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds. Under his lens, water, sand, wood, plants and insects take on a new dimension: a graphic dimension


>>Digital and colour works:
- Artisans du Maroc (Moroccan craftsmen), text by Ahmed Sefrioui, Actes Sud, 2001
- Traces, text by Jean-Claude Carrière, Éditions France Delory, 2000

>> Books in black and white and 
silver image:
- Vie (Life), Éditions des Jumeaux, 1974
- Eau, sable et bois (Water, sand and wood), Éditions des Jumeaux, 1971

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 08/07/1944
Profile : Photographer
Artistic current(s) : Contemporary Art
Theme(s) covered : Architecture, Details, Flowers - plants, Still life, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters, World cities, Travel

Laurent Pinsard

Laurent Pinsard