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Jocelyne Bonzom

Jocelyne Bonzom is a painter and colour artist. Her work is mainly inspired by the plant world, which she uses to explore shapes and substances.


Jocelyne Bonzom was born in south-western France and has been painting since childhood. Having studied law, management and communication, she painted for over 10 years in studios (Fine Arts and private) in Toulouse, spent 2 years at the Fine Arts school in Aix en Provence and officially became a painter in 1997.

Jocelyne Bonzom always works to music, a vital vehicle that guides her hand: If its classical, my work tends to be finer; if its more rhythmic, I apply large strokes with the brush or knife. I paint in a very physical way.

Her style is a mix of abstract and expressionism
. She says she was initially influenced by Klee, also a musician, then by Cy Tombly and Rauschenberg. She uses a mixed technique, using acrylics and pastels, to create powerful, colourful paintings.

She takes her inspiration from nature and her environment, an imaginary world inspired by plants. She starts with an actual item, which she then begins to explore, stylising its shape; variations appear that have stemmed from her emotions.

Jocelyne Bonzom lives and works between Paris and the South-west and is on the programme for many exhibitions in Europe and the United States. She has a varied range of private and institutional projects and has just joined a group that paints at 104 in Paris.

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 30/01/1957
Profile : Painter
Artistic current(s) : Contemporary Art , Expressionism
Theme(s) covered : Flowers - plants, Landscapes - Nature

Jocelyne Bonzom

Jocelyne Bonzom