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Jean-Luc Manaud

A French photographer who loves travel, ethnology and the desert, Jean-Luc Manaud immortalises landscapes and peoples from all over the world with great authenticity. His many reports, books, travel diaries, cards and prints bear witness to a striking cultural diversity. 


Itinerary of a photographic adventurer

Jean-Luc Maunaud was born in Southern Tunisia in 1948 and was soon marked by images and a light that were to have an undeniable impact on his work. He returned to France at the age of 14 and trained in a school of architecture, but decided to earn his living from his passion: he became a photographer in 1970, firstly in the field of jazz, then as a photo-reporter from 1977. He photographed war and different peoples, covering a number of conflicts worldwide. In 2000, Jean-Luc Manaud turned towards publishing and became a photographic author; he has published a few books and designs travel diaries, real living memories of his many expeditions. His collaboration with Nouvelles Images, an “excellent partnership for over ten years” allows him to publicise his art through cards and prints.

From travel to reporting

Jean-Luc Manaud is passionate about travel and ethnology, and travels the world with a camera round his neck, producing fascinating, varied reports on fair tourism in Tanzania, holiday resorts for the Gentry in India, the Tuareg rebellion in Niger, the gauchos in Uruguay and even the Opéra Garnier in Paris. Influenced by painters, including Man Ray, Weston and Salgado, Jean-Luc Manaud is inspired by the beauty and sadness of the world. His photo reports are authentic reflections of a day-to-day reality and are published in a variety of magazines including VSD, Géo and Figaro Magazine. He also takes part in exhibitions to make his photographs better known to the general public.

Jean-Luc Manaud and the desert

The desert has always fascinated Jean-Luc Manaud, and he dedicates the greater part of his work to it. He has crossed the deserts of Niger, Mauritania, Chad and the Western Sahara, always returning with some astonishing, striking photographs in his luggage. Manaud photographs outstanding desert landscapes and the people who live in them: the Peuls, Tuaregs and Nomads, whose rapidly-changing way of life is of great concern to the photographer. Most of the books he publishes are about the desert: Le désert nu (The Naked Desert), Le Fleuve des sables (The Sand River) (2001), Instants du désert (Desert Moments) (2002), Chroniques sahariennes (Saharan Chronicles) (2006), published by Le Chêne.
Jean-Luc Manaud is now planning a photographic study of complete Mediterranean rim. An ambitious project that is unlikely to worry this adventurous, passionate photographer.


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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 13/12/1948
Profile : Photographer
Artistic current(s) : Classical
Theme(s) covered : Architecture, Art of living, Ecology, Events, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters, World cities, Travel

Jean-Luc Manaud

Jean-Luc Manaud