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Jean-Baptiste Laissard

“The movement of the world is a reservoir of images", Jean-Baptiste Laissard.


The man and his projects

Jean-Baptiste Laissard is a photographer who admires Sebastian Salgado, Raymond Depardon and Hans Silvester.

He finds his daily inspiration in the observation of nature and animals, and in contact with people: “Being a photographer is a passion [...] it’s a training, an experience (architecture, advertising), a sensitivity (nature, animals), an unquenchable thirst (a love of other people and places) and means (Nikon silver-image and digital, studio and processing room)”.

He is very interested in the problem of disability and social issues in general. He has produced a report for the Enfants de coeur association.


Jean-Baptiste Laissard travels a great deal (United States, Burma, Morocco, Indonesia, French Overseas Departments and Territories ...) and has completed a number of reports: “I wander through the countryside, meeting people, and am attentive and excited by a good harvest of images”.

A passion for cows

Jean-Baptiste Laissard is fascinated by cows: “I went off on a peaceful walk and photographed the cows, with no idea that I would later give up a great deal of time to them and travel miles by car and on foot. I found it increasingly satisfying taking photos of cows.” He took part in the collective book Fous de vaches (Mad about Cows) in 2007. Jean-Baptiste Laissard has a large number of image products based on cows in the Nouvelles Images catalogue: prints, cards and a calendar.


A project on disability is currently in progress.

Useful links

The official website: www.jb-laissard.com

See the photo report for the Enfants de coeur association

Find out more about the book Fous de vaches (Mad about Cows)


Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 06/06/1975
Profile : Photographer
Artistic current(s) : llustration/graphics
Theme(s) covered : Animals, Flowers - plants, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters, Travel

Jean-Baptiste Laissard

Jean-Baptiste Laissard