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Jacques Bossé dit "Yack"

Jacques Bossé, an illustrator known as "Yack", offers a gallery of amusing characters treated with great humour.  Yack is the artist behind a large number of postcards in the Nouvelles Images catalogue, and is also planning to bring out a comic strip book and a cookery book in 2009.  Watch this space!


Who is "Yack"?

Jacques Bossé was born in the Nantes region. His main job is as a fire-fighter.

He also devotes some of his time to another of his passions: illustration.  He has become known under the pseudonym “Yack”.

Yack is a friendly personality, known for his gaiety and enthusiasm: “My work with Nouvelles Images is whizzo, a bit yahoooooooooooo and most of all a lot of fun!”

Characters and techniques

An admirer of ZEP, Gotlib and the character of Zorro, Yack has created a whole gallery of amusing characters: there’s the famous cow Loulai, of course, but also sheep, dogs, cats and pigs....and of course the little girl Sunsun.

Yack draws with a pencil and sometimes uses a graphic paint-box to colour his drawings. 


Yack is planning to bring out a comic-strip and is currently working on it.  Look out for his cookery book which is due to come out in September 2009.  

Useful links

Yack official website.

Yack’s blog

Learn how to draw Loulai the cow (video demonstration).

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 17/07/1965
Profile : Illustrator
Theme(s) covered : Love - friendship, Animals, Humour, Portraits - Characters

Jacques Bossé dit

Jacques Bossé dit "Yack"