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Isabelle Del Piano

French painter Isabelle Del Piano has directed her work mainly towards orientalism: galloping horses, women in djellabas, palm trees and white sand are the features of her exotic paintings. Inspired by travel, reading and passion, her work is now exhibited in France and abroad.


Training, inspiration and influence

Isabelle Del Piano was born in Nice in 1955, into a family of painters and photographers. She began drawing very early and joined the School of Decorative Arts, but she did not really begin her artistic career until 1993. Influenced by Matisse’s themes and colours, she painted large oils on canvas depicting the South of France, with its warm, radiant colours. But through her love of travel, exploration and reading, she gradually directed her style towards orientalism.

Isabelle Del Piano and orientalism

Isabelle Del Piano sees the starting point of her work on the Orient as her visit to Pierre Loti’s house during a trip to Rochefort; however, it was not until she travelled to Egypt that this revelation was confirmed: from then on, she worked solely on orientalism. Isabelle Del Piano is, above all, fascinated by the colours and light that emanate from these sun-drenched landscapes. She takes her inspiration from her travel and television documentaries, and also uses her imagination to sustain her work: she devours the travel books written by 19th Century and contemporary authors and finds these an inexhaustible resource.


Isabelle Del Piano’s work is now exhibited in France and abroad; in 2008 she won the Versailles Council 1st prize for the L’Art dans la rue (Art in the Street) exhibition.  She also accepts commissions for luxury hotels, including a series of 110 paintings of a square metre each for a hotel in Algiers and 150 studies for hotels in Morocco and Spain.
He current project is to continue her work on the Orient (Place d’Alger, Kasbahs in the desert, fantasia…) and to complete a few paintings of the South of France for a future exhibition. She would also like to paint a series of horse portraits.
Isabelle Del Piano has taken great satisfaction from the outset with her successful partnership with Nouvelles Images, particularly concerning the quality of the rendering and colours: “It was magical for me”. And she says that it allows her to make her art more widely known without having to be separated from the originals, to which she has a strong sentimental attachment…

You will find some of her works in these two galleries:

- Galerie Grosvenor - 5 rue du Baillage - 75008 Versailles
- Galerie Katia Apelbaum - Marché Serpette - Puces de St-Ouen

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 06/09/1955
Profile : Painter
Artistic current(s) : Orientalism
Theme(s) covered : Animals, Orient, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters, World cities, Travel

Isabelle Del Piano

Isabelle Del Piano