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GwenaŽlle Trolez

Born in 1970, GwenaŽlle Trolez has a degree in Natural Sciences and, above all, great artistic creativity: today, this self-taught artist is a visual artist and illustrator


In 2006, she completed a book on West Africa using photographs by Edmond Fortier; in 2007, Jean Geiserís photographs in turn inspired her work, this time on Algeria.

GwenaŽlle Trolez collects old photographs and old papers of all kinds and uses the collage technique to give life to old documents.  She collects several subjects and documents, such as old papers, maps and botanical plates from a certain era, along with narratives that illustrate her works:  "My creations are the result of juxtaposing and superimposing a variety of old documents that Iíve picked up here and there". In 2008 and 2009, she created collages of the animals of the Savannah and the Amazon.

Influenced by textile art and the 19th century photographers and naturalists, she produces artistic combinations that are a real invitation to travel: a journey across the world, and a journey through time.... 

Her partnership with Nouvelles Images allows her to present her work to a wider audience while remaining faithful to the integrity of her creation because she believes that "the reproductions are very faithful to the originals and of very good quality".

GwenaŽlle Trolez plans to develop a gallery of portraits of the Ethiopian Afars, in partnership with the reporter-photographer Delphine Maratier. A new opportunity to show her unusual, eloquent work. 


Foulbť (2006)
Femme de griot (Griotís wife) (2006)
Chef-Sťnťgal (Senegal chief) (2006)
Femme kabyle (Kabylian women) (2007)
Arabe de la plaine An Arab from the plain) (2007)
La Mťdersa (2007)
Deux soeurs (Two sisters) (2008)
Geisha (2008)


See all GwenaŽlle Trolezís works on her official website.

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 09/02/1970
Profile : Visual artist
Theme(s) covered : Animals, Orient, Portraits - Characters, Travel, Colors and materials

GwenaŽlle Trolez

GwenaŽlle Trolez