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Christophe Boisvieux

A photographer and reporter, keen on travel and new discoveries, Christophe Boisvieux offers us a series of unusual, intense photos that are real records of his many journeys from which he returns each time transformed and enriched by a new reality.


Christophe Boisvieux, photographer and reporter

Christophe Boisvieux was born in 1960 and has been a professional journalist and photographer since 1984. Influenced by Robert Doisneau, whom he met at the very start of his career, he began by working in black and white, mainly on Paris, its cafés and scenes of daily life. Christophe Boisvieux loves travel and learning about other cultures, and moved towards colour reporting from 1989. With a preference for Scandinavia, Asia and India in particular, he has travelled the world searching for authentic, powerful photographs. He has also been influenced by the works of great photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edouard Boubat, Roland and Sabrina Michaud and Steve Mc Curry.

Travel, an interior wealth

Christophe Boisvieux puts body and soul into his reports, even going so far as to follow a family in Lapland in the migration of its herd of reindeer; he aims not only to photograph unusual scenes, but also to return transformed and enriched by the people and cultures that he has met.
Christophe Boisvieux has a particular preference for portraits of children, working first and foremost on the light in his photographs, as he believes that this is essential: “Photography is about writing with light”. He also uses light to express the relationship between Man and the sacred, his main source of inspiration. He is fascinated by the Eastern religions and has dedicated a book of photographs to Buddhism: Lumières de Bouddha (published by Lodi).

Christophe Boisvieux’ work today

His profound, harmonious photos have been used in several exhibitions, in the Canon centre, the Salon de la Photo and the Paris Museum of Modern Art . Christophe Boisvieux works as a photographer and reporter with a number of French and international magazines. He is also the author of photography books (Vietnam, Provence, Côtes d'Azur, 2002, published by Lodi). As far as his partnership with Nouvelles Images is concerned, he considers it to be “very fruitful” and it allows the general public to discover his art on cards and prints.
Christophe Boisvieux’ latest project is to complete a report on South Africa; there’s no doubt that he will return with some outstanding photographs, enriched by this new experience.


See the photographs by Christophe Boisvieux on the website Agence Hemis.fr

Special reports on France (1980-2008), Thailand, Burma and Indochina (1990 to 2005), India (1989 to 2004), the Himalaya _ Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan (1989 to 2007), Sri Lanka (1997), Scandinavia (1990 to 2001), Morocco (1996 to 1998), the Yemen (1997), Japan (1998), China and Mongolia (2006 to 2007), Ethiopia (2009).

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 17/10/1960
Profile : Photographer
Artistic current(s) : llustration/graphics
Theme(s) covered : Details, Orient, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters, World cities, Travel