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Charlotte Culot

Colour is Charlotte Culotís main source of inspiration. She has already taken part in exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. She is planning to present her work in Asia. She defines her relationship with Nouvelles Images as follows: ďIím delighted to be part of this large family. Through its artists, Nouvelles Images sets the tone and colour for our era. This close collaboration between us has an important role to playĒ.


Charlotte Culot was born in Belgium and began her Archaeology and History of Art studies at the Catholic University in Louvain. Between 1981 and 1989, she worked on a thesis on architecture in West Africa.


Charlotte Culot painted from 1990 and her works are exhibited in many cities worldwide.

In 1991, she began exhibiting her works at Galerie 92 in Brussels, then in Stockholm.

Then, in 1992, she presented personal exhibitions at the Marcel Becker Gallery and Vicarianís Farm in Belgium, and at Harrys Hardware in Stockholm.

In 1993, Charlotte Culot produced two exhibitions: Home in Paris and Graphie in Brussels.

She also exhibited her works at the Newport Casino in the USA, in 1994.

Since 1995, her personal exhibitions have been presented at the Art Cabinet Gallery in the United States.

In 1996, she took part in an exhibition for the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York. Charlotte Culotís works were then exhibited in 1997, at Artelano, a famous contemporary furniture manufacturer in Paris.

Sources of inspiration 

Colour is Charlotte Culotís main source of inspiration: "Colour is a universal, energy-giving, spiritual language. It is revealed through light and is a vital form of nourishment. It is the object of my search and quest".

She is influenced in her work by artists such as Bonnard, De StaŽl, Rothko and Morandi...


To see Charlotte Culotís paintings, visit the Art Cabinet Gallery website.


Charlotte Culotís works are presented at the Art Cabinet Gallery in the United States.

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Visit the Galerie Emiliani  website to see certain works by Charlotte Culot.

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Nationality(ies) : Belgian
Born on : 16/01 /1964
Profile : Colorist, Painter
Theme(s) covered : Still life, Colors and materials