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Charles Belle

Charles Belle was born in Franche-Comté in 1956 and graduated from the Regional School of Fine Art in Besançon. Through his works, he explores the themes of flowers and the plant world, but also does portraits, still lives, landscapes and the human body.


Charles Belle’s first drawings bore the imprint of the environment in which he grew up: landscapes, farm interiors, day-to-day objects and cattle. Working from photographs that he took, Charles Belle produced some very realistic drawings that allowed him to create a physical relationship with the spectator.

Charles Belle taught at the School of Fine Art in Mulhouse. He began exhibiting in 1978 and was to be found in many galleries in France and abroad from 1980. Very attached to the Franche-Comté region, he set up his studio in Tallenay in the Doubs.

Charles Belle’s work is very focused on the plant world - flowers, fruit, vegetables – which he interprets in a very personal way, using colour, shape and rhythm to produce intense, vibrant compositions that show us plants on an unaccustomed scale. Charles Belle, for whom painting is “a pounding of the senses”, offers us surprising paintings on a monumental scale.

In 2005, a monograph dedicated to Charles Belle was published on the initiative of a Korean gallery owner. Its presented 250 works, paintings and drawings by the artist and gave him a chance to “show something other than flowers” and highlight some of the works that are less well-known by the general public.

Works by Charles Belles have been purchased by the Franche-Comté regional contemporary art collection. Charles Belle is very popular in Seoul and New York, and has also exhibited in Yugoslavia (Zagreb and Skopje), Switzerland and Beirut.


Comme une danse amoureuse, (Like a dance of love) 2006
Petits coings 4, (Small quinces 4) 2006 

De ce réel indiscutable,  (This indisputable reality) 2005
De cette fontaine,  (This fountain) 2006
Itinéraire, (Itinerary) 2006
Tout ce cours ancien, (All this ancient flow) 2006
De cette fontaine émue,  (Excited fountain) 2006
De l'inconnu sous les pas, (The unknown beneath your feet) 2005
Revenir parcourir l'eau d'ici, (Coming back to follow the water) 2005
De ce rêve incessant, (Incessant dream) 2005
Le dessin de son désir, (The drawing of its desire) 2005
Qu'espérons-nous ?, (What are we hoping for ?) 2005
Traversée par mes élans, (Passed over by my momentum) 2004
Autoportrait, (Self-portrait) 2004
Ce visage, (That face) 2003
La rumeur d'un méandre invité, (The murmur of an invited meander) 2003
Son rempart délicieux, (Its delightful rampart) 2002
Des remous et des eaux, (Eddies and waters) 2002
Ipso facto l5, 2002
Ipso facto l3, 2002

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Nationality(ies) : French
Profile : Painter
Artistic current(s) : Contemporary Art
Theme(s) covered : Details, Flowers - plants, Landscapes - Nature, Portraits - Characters