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Amélie Vuillon

The photographer, designer and graphic artist Amélie Vuillon takes much of her inspiration from nature to produce her stunning, tender, contemplative, poetic photographs.


Her professional career

Born in 1974, Amélie Vuillon trained as a graphic designer, then took a master’s degree in applied artsShe has been passionate about photography since childhood and likes to take time to observe objects and capture them in her images.  
After having worked as a graphic designer in an agency, she decided to go it alone in order to be able to meet her clients’ needs and retain her own visual signature.  She has worked for some large groups and international brands and published a number of books with Marabout as a graphic artist, designer and photographer.
She defines her partnership with Nouvelles Images as "a professional and human adventure that has been going on since 2004. It adds a great deal to my work with every time we work together, in short, it’s great fun!

Nature as a source of inspiration

Amélie Vuillon’s work is mainly inspired by the contemplation of nature and particularly by its ephemeral quality, its changes and the effects of the passage of time on things...   Her message is to live from day to day and “better” through observing nature.
Influenced by the Epicurean Philosophers, but also by the great names in photography such as Doisneau and Lartigue, she produces photos on themes that mean a great deal to her: contemplative still lives, ‘girly’ pleasures in pink and minimalist studies in white.  For her models, Amélie uses noble materials, second-hand objects and leaves and flowers from her garden. 

Amélie’s future projects

Amélie Vuillon is a nature lover, and her main aim today is to protect it: she hopes to use her photographs and expertise to make as many people as possible aware of the need to protect the planet
She is also intending to offer limited-edition personal designs for the home (decoration), such as cushions in different sizes and bags with photographic prints on fabrics via her website m+nature. Her designs are currently on sale in a shop in Marseille and on a decoration website, but Amélie Vuillon is hoping to widen the field and make her creative talent accessible to as many people as possible! 

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Nationality(ies) : French
Born on : 20/10/1974
Profile : Graphic artist, Photographer, Designer
Artistic current(s) : llustration/graphics
Theme(s) covered : Love - friendship, Art of living, kitchen, Details, Ecology, sustainable developpement, Flowers - plants, Girly - Fashion, Still life, Orient, Landscapes - Nature, Travel, Decoration

Amélie Vuillon